Bishop Kids

A couple weekends ago I was able to get out and enjoy this gorgeous (but very chilly!) winter weather taking pictures of some of the cutest kids I know, Jordan and James.  We went up to the family cabin and kept warm by a very toasty fire (thanks, Errol!) in between our takes outside in the crisp air.  The light was amazing and we had such a nice time!  I sure love taking pictures of my friends' kids, but it always makes it easy when they are as adorable as these two.  Jordan loves owls and even got out her beautiful owl fairy outfit for a few pictures.  She was "magical" and even turned me into a princess.  (Apparently, for a little bit I was Tiana...I got a kick out of that!)  :)  We had so much fun.  I sure love what I do, and it's always especially fun when you get to "work" with your friends.  Here are just a couple of my favorites from our session...