Baby Edith & Hazel

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing a "secret" mini-shoot with baby Edith.  (And I've been dying to put these pictures up ever since!)  We decided to do it unbeknownst to Edith's dad, Joe, so Danielle could give them to him on Father's Day.  But that is just too far away to keep these precious images from him, so she gave them to him "just because" and since it's no longer a secret I can finally share them with everyone.  I was honored to be there to capture her birth last month and naturally we had to do some shots during her first few weeks of life...With big sister, Hazel, of course!  I thought it'd be cool to make them special for Joe so since he plays the guitar we put them in the shots.  I think they turned out GREAT, don't you?!

LOVE her reflection looking back at us!

LOVE her reflection looking back at us!