Changes to T.L.P.

A while back I had written a post on my business Facebook page that changes would be coming soon...and they're finally here!  I'm very excited, but a little nervous, hoping that things go over nicely and smoothly.   I have almost completed my first year with my photography business and over this last year I have learned quite a bit.  Seeing what people gravitate towards when purchasing their sessions and listening to client suggestions as well is what led me to make these changes.

I have always wanted to give my clients the best work that I can, and when taking pictures, I do just that.  But then I realized that the quality of the print is just as important as the quality of the image, and that has led me to my decision to no longer offer the disc of images with each package.  Discs will, however, be available for purchase if you really want to print them somewhere else, but my goal is to give people the highest quality of print when hanging their family's or baby's or graduating senior's pictures on their wall.  I don't want to talk down other labs as some do print in decent quality, but I feel when displaying your favorite memories, "decent" just isn't good enough.

I have added some print package deals in addition to my session fees or items may be purchased a la carte.  But if you still really feel the need to go to another lab then, as mentioned above, discs may be purchased for an added fee.  Other changes have been made to my session packages.  I will no longer be offering the build your own packages and sessions will be one of two options, full session or half session, which just has to do with the amount of time spent during your session and the number of images that come out of it.

I want to thank each and every one of my clients for their past support in my small business and look forward to serving the new clients to come.