Happy New Year!

Hello, everyone!  It's a new year, a fresh start, and along with the new year comes some new pricing.  Yes, I know I have changed pricing a couple times before, but as my business grows and I learn more about how this all works in general and what clients want, I must keep up with the times and find a good fit for my clients, my business, and myself.

You will notice that I have removed my option for a half hour session as I have come to realize pretty much NONE of my sessions lasted only half hour.  It just didn't make sense and I figured it would be easiest to simply offer a standard package for a standard price.

I hope you all have patience with me as I continue to learn and my business slowly changes.  I appreciate all of my repeat customers who continue to support me as I provide you with your lasting memories and I look forward to meeting new customers in the coming year.  Happy New Year!