Southard Family - Sneak Peek

I'm pretty sure I have the best clients!  I swear it never feels like I'm even "working" when I get to spend time with such wonderful families and kids.  You might recognize Dr. Southard if you've ever had a back issue and needed an adjustment.  He is actually my chiropractor (the best!) and I was excited to be able to work with him and his family.  We did our session at their home right in their own yard, which was probably one of the most perfect locations! Seriously, an old farmhouse, a great red barn, gorgeous gardens and trees, and cool outbuildings and fences.  What more could you ask for?!  I loved their idea of incorporating into the pictures the hobbies that the kids enjoy and I think we came out with some fun shots.  And of course, no family session is complete without a few shots of the family dog!  This sweet little pup, River, just happened to become their newest family member that same day!  Thanks for such a fun evening at your home, Southard family!  (And seriously, if you ever need relief from back pain, go see him.  He's amazing and works wonders!)

Ashe - Willoughby - Kowalczyk Family Session

My friend Casey has the most gorgeous, picturesque, and just totally amazing property and every time I am over there I imagine shooting a session there!  He also has a gorgeous and totally amazing girlfriend, Arren, and since she wanted to do a family session with her kids and her dad as well as some senior pics, I *finally* got the chance!  I loved hanging out with my friends making memories and capturing some great pictures - I swear, I don't even feel like I am "working" when I am behind the lens.  I think we came out with some great portraits.  Thank you for choosing me to capture your family.  It was so fun working with you guys!

Cross Family

"All done!" 

Yes, sometimes the kiddos think they can decide when the session is over...Little did miss Everly know I wasn't going to stop snapping my camera!  Such a funny little girl, she is so sweet and too cute!  It's hard to believe she is already turning two at the end of this month.  Aren't the Crosses just the cutest family?!