Cross Family

"All done!" 

Yes, sometimes the kiddos think they can decide when the session is over...Little did miss Everly know I wasn't going to stop snapping my camera!  Such a funny little girl, she is so sweet and too cute!  It's hard to believe she is already turning two at the end of this month.  Aren't the Crosses just the cutest family?!

BelleWood Acres Spring Minis

Thanks again to the families who came to our mini sessions in the beautiful blossoming apple orchards last Saturday! The trees were absolutely gorgeous and perfect for a Spring-y backdrop! These pictures are just a couple of my many favorites from the day. And a BIG thank you to BelleWood Acres - Apples and Apple Cider for not only allowing me to use their property, but also for being an amazing place with wonderful people! After being turned down by a couple other local orchards, I was a bit nervous about asking, but when I first approached the owner, Dorie, about using the location for pictures she was MORE than willing and open to it. A perfect example of local business helping local business. I wish I had inquired with them first - the place is AMAZING! The great thing about BelleWood is not only do they grow and sell their apples and have a pumpkin patch in the fall, they have a market and gift shop which includes all sorts of kitchen stuff, homemade pies and pastries, honey and jams, wines, cider, and all sorts of other locally made products, including a bistro where you can grab a sandwich or a snack. Plus, for the adults, they even have a distillery right there where they make their own gin, brandy, and vodka! (It's delicious, I bought some for myself!) This is a great place and I highly recommend it - I will definitely be going here from now on for years to come! Check it out!